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business contracts must be written carefully
Carefully to protect all of your business rights and interests

Almost all businesses will need to negotiate and sign a contact at some point in time. Some businesses enter into numerous contracts regularly. The very essence of a business--selling goods and services to clients and customers for a price or fee--is to enter into contracts. All of your business contracts must be written carefully to protect all of your business rights and interests, and so that they benefit you and your business and avoid expenses, problems, and legal liabilities before they arise.


A number of business owners do not know and understand the laws and principles of contract law and go online for sample contracts. Unfortunately, those free samples contain vague and boilerplate language which does not cover all of the items and issues that are necessary to protect your legal rights and interests. Business owners should seek help from an experienced business contract lawyer who can review, draft, or negotiate a customized contract to safeguard your unique business needs and interests. Axel Lindholm is an experienced contract attorney practicing in Sugar Land Texas, who successfully helps business clients with negotiating and drafting a wide variety of contracts.

Because you own or operate a business, it is vital that your business attorney draft all of the contracts you use regularly. It is also advisable for you to review and update these agreements or templates on a regular basis so that they keep up with changes in the law and your industry’s business practices. For a consultation with business contracts attorney Axel Lindholm of Lindholm Law, PLLC, call (281) 220-6736 today or use our contact form.

Types of Contracts

Lindholm Law, PLLC and attorney Axel Lindholm has successfully helped all types of businesses with their contract needs from single owned businesses to fortune 500 corporations. Axel is just as comfortable working with solopreneurs and single-person startups as he/she is with multi-national corporations.

Axel Lindholm is also an experienced business negotiator and courtroom litigator, and he incorporates these skills into contract negotiations and business formations. He zealously represents your interests and invests all of the time necessary to completely understand your business needs, goals, and objectives. Master service agreements.

Here are some of the agreements Lindholm Law, PLLC handles:

• Shareholder, Equity owner, and Partner agreements

• LLC operating and partnership agreements

• Buy-sell agreements and other owner agreements (especially with regard to succession planning of closely held businesses)

• Stock option, profit interests, and incentive compensation agreements

• Employment contracts and independent contractor agreements

• Noncompetition (Non-Competes) and nonsolicitation agreements

• Nondisclosure agreements (NDAs)

• Equipment leases

• Real estate purchase agreements and leases

• Sale-leaseback transactions

• Collateral and security agreements

• Business and real estate loan contracts

• Manufacturing agreements

• Distribution and licensing contacts

• Other business contracts

Well-Written Business Contracts Can Eliminate Future Conflicts

It is vital for the health of your business that you understand your rights and obligations when entering into contracts. This is especially true when hiring employees, working with suppliers and vendors, and selling your products and services to customers and clients.

When you do not know or understand the issues involved in your contracts, the likelihood that you will face a problem or dispute increases significantly. Because of this, a professionally drafted contract from an experienced attorney will help you avoid conflicts which can cost you and your business a tremendous amount of stress, time, and money. The money you invest in hiring a business attorney to draft your contracts will pay impressive dividends over time. Business disputes resulting from poorly written contracts can bankrupt or ruin your business. This is true even in a booming economy.

Important Business Contract Terms

All contracts contain terms and conditions that address the specifics of your agreement. While they may change from contract to contract, many terms and conditions are common and should usually be discussed as part of the negotiation and drafting process.

Here is a sample of those key terms:

• Rights, duties, and obligations of the parties

• Payment amount and when payments are due

• Interest and penalties for late payment

• Confidentiality and nondisclosure

• Resolution of disputes (arbitration, mediation, etc.)

• Dispute venue and jurisdiction clauses

• Indemnity or hold-harmless clauses

All of these provisions should be written so that they are as favorable to your business as practicable.

Hire an Experienced Contracts Attorney for All of Your Agreements


When Should I Contact an Attorney?

It is generally a good idea to consult with your lawyer regularly about your business’s contracts and agreements. Here are several specific times when it is critical to talk to an attorney about drafting and updating your contracts:

• Starting your business

• Buying or selling your business

• Bringing on a partner or investor

• Dissolving or winding up your business

• Hiring an employee or contractor

• Starting a new business relationship with a vendor, distributor, or manufacturer

• Changing the terms of your relationship with your vendor, distributor, or manufacturer

These are some of the many situations where it is important for you to talk to a business attorney about your agreements. If you have questions about your agreements, call or contact Lindholm Law, PLLC an experienced business law practice

Online DIY Legal Services are Bad for Your Business Contracts

As a small or medium-sized business owner, you are always cost-conscious and want to get the most value for your money. You might think that a do-it-yourself legal services company is a good idea because they are usually cost a lot less money than an attorney and let you “plug in” your information and then get a contract. Everything is ok, right?

No, it is not. Contracts that are not tailored to your specific business needs and the laws of your state may very well result in expensive and time-consuming problems down the line. They can also be legal unenforceable. For example, suppose you get involved in a dispute with a supplier or vendor and you suddenly learn your contract violates the law in your state and cannot be enforced. But now, it’s too late. You now realize that investing some additional money in a properly written, specifically tailored contract prepared by a business attorney would have avoided your loss and saved you much more than it would have cost.

Your contract lawyer can do several things better than an online service:

• Take the time to understand your specific needs and foresee potential problems and liabilities that you may not have thought about

• Evaluate employee relationships to protect your intellectual property

• Recognize certain employment liability issues that cannot be solved through contracts

• Customize contracts for your own vendors, distributors, customers, and unique business model

It’s Never Too Late to Discuss Business Contracts With a Business and Contracts Attorney

If you are like many business owners, you may be working without properly written contracts or are using generic boilerplate contracts you found online. You are understandably more focused on running your business from day to day than spending time on contracts. If you are working on a deal, you want to negotiate it and get it done, and talking to your lawyer first about your contract is the last thing on your mind.

It is not too late to formalize your contracts using an experienced business attorney. Lindholm Law, PLLC will review your existing agreement(s) and recommend changes and/or draft one that properly and fully protects your business.

If you have a boilerplate contract, your business contract attorney can legally amend it and create a replacement to accurately address your business interests and comply with the laws of your state.

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