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Axel Lindholm has served as an attorney in the greater Houston area since 2013. Before starting his own firm, Axel practiced law with law firms in The Woodlands and Sugar Land, Texas. Axel established Lindholm Law, PLLC in 2018 to better serve as council for his individual clients, their families, and their businesses.

When he first started practicing law, Axel focused on estate planning, probate, and trust administration matters. Today, estate planning and tax planning still forms a large part of Lindholm Law’s practice, especially with regard to international planning. Additionally, Lindholm Law serves as corporate counsel to area businesses from “mom and pop” sized businesses to Fortune 500 companies.

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For individual clients and their families, Lindholm Law’s primary goal is protecting assets through estate planning, corporate planning, (and often) international planning. Additionally, Lindholm Law strives to be the individual and their family’s primary attorney for legal matters, whether it pertains to real estate transactions, contracts to purchase, taxes, debt collection, litigation, or other matters.

For our business clients, Lindholm Law serves as legal council for all legal matters, including but not limited to business transactions (contracts), corporate formations, non-profits, employment law, business litigation, intellectual property, merger/acquisitions, business taxes, corporate dissolutions, and business divorces.

Axel established Lindholm Law with certain guidelines in mind, which he did not see many fellow attorneys following. Axel believes in always providing a free initial consultation to potential clients. Before taking a client’s retainer check, Axel believes in the importance of being upfront and honest with a client regarding reasonable possible outcomes. Finally, Axel does not hesitate to refer a client to another attorney if he does not think he is the best attorney for the client.

Axel went to Law School at the University of Texas school of law in Austin, Texas, where he received his JD. Axel received his BS in political science and criminal justice at Sam Houston State University in Huntsville, Texas. 

Axel often teaches seminars on topics including estate planning, probate, taxes, and business planning. Axel is currently the treasurer and board member of the Houston Chapter of the Society of Financial Service Professionals. Axel also serves on the board of several non-profits.  

Originally, Axel hails from Helsinki, Finland. As a toddler, Axel’s family immigrated to South Florida, where he lived until adulthood. Axel has lived in Texas since 2005. Axel is married with two children, a daughter (Sadie) and a son (Owen). Axel enjoys cooking, traveling and spending time with his family. 

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